Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Ah, Christmas Eve. We always travel to Lenoir to visit family on Christmas Eve (about a four hour drive there and back), and since my dad goes with us, we never stay more than a couple of hours. So, we're back already, doing our own thing...

On the car ride over I attempted to make a toddler version of James's Hat, but it came out way too big. I'm in the middle of frogging it right now. My current undertaking: a fresh pair of these slippers (I am still working on a pair for Tijana- that project is hibernating for the Christmas season) for Elisabeth. I am using recycled sweater yarn from her Goodwill sweater, which turned out to be a hand spun, hand knit wool sweater. She wore it once for our pictures and handed it off to me to unravel and play with. You can tell that the wool is very worn from its texture... a feature that I admire, and a reason why it will make a great pair of slippers (or two pairs, I hope, and maybe a bathmat too!).
It is a huge ball of yarn, so the possibilities are endless:

And I'm not even done unraveling the whole sweater! I've done both sleeves and the front, so I just have the back to go. Even so, that is a lot more yarn to add to this huge ball! Makes for some nice bulky weight wool.

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