Thursday, December 23, 2010

GPS Cozy Tutorial

Originally posted here on January 30, 2010.

My GPS goes through a lot- long trips, low batteries, being thrown around in my glove compartment, divider, or purse. I'm always worried about damaging the screen, so I made the poor thing a snug little cozy. Because GPS's come in many different sizes, this pattern is more of a rough outline, so that you may adjust things to fit yours. I suggest making the cozy very, VERY snug, so your GPS can have maximal padding and protection.

-GPS within reach, for sizing
-Worsted weight scraps, takes only a small amount. I believe that I used some old Red Heart that I had.       
-US 5.00 MM hook (H)
-Button or velcro
-Sewing needle and small amount of thread
 Finished Size
Finished size depends on your GPS. My cozy was made for a Garmin nĂ¼vi, and the final thing came out to be about 9x13cm, not including the flap.

Cozy is made holding two strands together throughout. It is worked in the round.
HDC-half double crochet
sl st-slip stitch

1. Chain enough to cover the width of your GPS, with only about two chs to spare. I chained approx. 18.
 2. Hdc across, putting 2 hdc in last ch. Turn and hdc around other side of the foundation ch.

3. Continue around and around and around until cozy is tall enough to just barely cover the GPS. I did approx. 11 rounds.

4. To create flap, stop crocheting in the round and crocheted along the back row. Turn, crochet across. Repeat until flap is desired length. Here you can add velcro or a buttonhole to close. To do a buttonhole, simply hdc, ch1, skip st, hdc in next st. My flap is 7 rows long. I put the buttonhole on the 6th row.

5. Finish off, weave in ends. After finishing off, I sl stitched around the flap to make it look a little more "smooth." It isn't necessary, but it makes the flap look better.
 6. Add button or velcro.

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