Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh hello!

Shame on me for being away for so long! In my defense, a lot has been going on... A LOT.

James came home back on December 22nd, 2011...
I moved to Fayetteville and into our lovely apartment on January 23rd.
He proposed to me on January 29, during our long trip down to Louisiana for leave:
 And our wedding was on February 18- TWO WEEKS later (talk about a shotgun wedding)!
(It was so hard to choose just one wedding photo to put on here!)

So now, life goes on... we killed my car during the trip down to Louisiana, so now we have bought a car for me together. Such adult things! I don't feel so grown up until I take a look around me at my life. It's strange to see all of this! I'm beyond happy to finally be married to my best friend.

ANYWAY. We got a little puppy a few weeks ago. My first puppy! He is the cutest little Miniature Schnauzer that we have named Remington, affectionately called Remi. We got him from a friend of mine who was hard pressed to find him a home, so he came to use a tad bit early at only five weeks old.

 He's been tough, but hey- another adventure for this amateur. I have learned SO MUCH about dogs from him, and I'm still learning. He's challenging, but it is worth it. I like to help people and give people information through my blog, so I figured I'd put together a little list of things that really helped me during the first few weeks of Remi's new life with me:
  1. A kennel. We got Remington a Remington brand kennel (how could I resist? It came personalized!) that holds a medium sized dog so we can use it long term. We use cardboard to partition it off to make it smaller while he's little.**
  2. A Potty Patch. Remi hasn't had his puppy shots yet because he is so young, so we have trained him to go inside on the Potty Patch. He trained SO EASILY with it (took two days tops) and is a champ at using it. It's been a life saver. We are able to leave him for longer periods of time because he just uses his patch when he needs to go. Only downfall: it smells weird, no matter how much you clean it. Working on figuring that one out. Maybe I'm just being weird about it because I am such a clean freak.**
  3. Puppies whine. A lot. All the time. And they are loud. The hardest thing about getting a new puppy was learning to ignore this awful whining. After the first week, it gets better. Eventually, he'll stop. 
  4. Puppy breath doesn't smell good. It's actually really, really nasty. Dog mints hidden in Remi's food have been a lifesaver. 
  5. Puppies are essentially Gremlins, only cuter so you won't get rid of them. Remi can only come out when I can CONSTANTLY supervise him. He is into everything, always. Keep it in mind when you think about getting a puppy...
But we love him. He's adorable. And he'll hold off the baby bug until I'm done with school...

**Update July 10, 2012: Remi now stays in a pen in the laundry room. This works better for us because he has such a small bladder and I don't want to make him hold it all day AND because he is now litter box trained. Ditched the potty patch. It gets pretty gross after a while. Litter box is much more practical!