Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reasons Why I Love...

Pinterest. Seriously though. I love it. Not only do I find endless amounts of wonderful recipes for me to make for dinner regularly, I find beautiful crochet and sewing patterns, a ton of home remedies and homemade cleaning solutions, and so many random crafts!

Today's project: hand drawn monogrammed plates... WITH SHARPIES. Roughly based off of this concept that I stumbled upon on Pinterest yesterday!
I just went to Dollar Tree and bought four one dollar ceramic plates, and then printed a "T" in a font that I liked off of Microsoft Word and traced it with a pencil onto the plates... then baked for thirty minutes at 350*! Lovely. I think I'll do some matching bowls and cups. Give it a try, it's easy! You could get so creative with this!

I've got some exciting crochet and sewing projects that I'm working on... stay tuned!

*The link's suggested baking time didn't make the sharpie stick, so I searched around and found this more suitable one. Make sure you turn your oven off, open the door, and let the plates cool before you try to remove them.

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