Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homemade Bath and Beauty Stuff

I've finally done it. I've been researching it for a while now, but I finally acted on it. I started making my own beauty stuff.

And I love it. I love it for a couple of different reasons. Sure, it is good for the environment and everything, my motivators are a little different:
  1. I have super sensitive skin (Scalp included. Ridiculous.) that can't deal with the chemicals in store bought stuff.
Making your own stuff meets both of these criteria. It's great. Really. I figured this would be a nice spot to keep up with the recipes and steps that I am using to make this stuff. Maybe someone besides me will benefit from it!


I use a mixture of things based loosely off of this post. I mix everything together in two separate four ounce bottles, making them easy to grab and travel with. For shampoo, I filled one bottle with hot water and added about 1/2 a tablespoon baking soda. For conditioner, I filled a bottle with apple cider vinegar and then added enough cinnamon to make a paste (no idea on measurements for that one, I just dumped cinnamon in until I could shake it and tell that it was a paste). I've read that cinnamon has natural highlighting properties, so I decided it would be best to use... I also needed something to offset the vinegar smell. Sure, I smell like a cinnabon until I put on my perfume, but my hair has never looked better! Worth it. To use, I squirt first the shampoo on my scalp, comb it through (I brush my hair before my shower so this will be easier), and rinse. I do the same process for the conditioner.
Sorry about the couch... last minute photos.


For lotion, I used this recipe. It's a pretty easy one and the ingredients are fairly interchangeable. My ingredients of choice were cold brewed green tea, soy wax, olive oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Make sure you mix this lotion VERY well- apparently I didn't mix mine well enough and the green tea is separating from the mixture. An easy fix, though- I just need to throw it back into a mixing bowl and whip it a bit. My skin feels great after using this, and it is great for super sensitive skin like mine!
Look! My handmade centerpieces from my wedding. Gotta use them for something!


I used this recipe for deodorant. It is so easy and so cheap. You probably already have the ingredients in your house! One thing that I will suggest is to add more cornstarch- I haven't gotten around to it yet and mine is a little liquidy. For super sensitive skin, use less baking soda and replace it with cornstarch. I didn't do that in my first batch and my underarms are starting to get a tad bit irritated. I also suggest adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the mixture before you pack it into a container- tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial/fungal oil, so it is great for deodorants... if you don't mind your pits smelling "weird," in the words of my husband. Better weird than stinky!
More couch. SORRY

That's all I've tried so far... up next are toothpaste, shaving cream, chapstick, and soap or body wash. Lots of work to do! Have you tried any homemade bath stuff? Do you plan on trying any?


  1. Cool, I may have to try those. Where did you find the deoderant container? I haven't seen those before.

    1. I couldn't find any in stores, so I waited until my deodorant ran out and washed out a container. I believe you can find them online though. Let me know if you try anything and how it works for you!