Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Towel Dog Bed: An Upcycling Tutorial

I adore my mini schnauzer. Absolutely adore him.
When he wiggles so much, you can't help but get some leg in your picture.
But to say that this little guy is mischievous is an understatement. He loves to have something cozy to sleep and relax on, but every time we put his nice and cushy dog bed down for him, he treats it like a giant chew toy, and it always ends up in his doggie litter box. Yuck! We've resorted to using towels folded up and put on the floor for him, but he always gets them and shakes them out, so it takes up all kinds of unnecessary space... time for a fix! I found a lot of tutorials for dog beds, but none that really fit what I was looking for. So I made my own, and I've put the instructions and a few (shoddy) photos with it!* This only took me an hour tops to make, so it is nice and quick.

Towel Dog Bed
Oooooh! Ahhhh!
Ta-da! I know, it looks pretty boring, but it is all about practicality here in the Torbett household! Here are the instructions.

-An old towel (or two, depending on the amount of stuffing you want or how big of a bed you want; I used one)
-Coordinating thread
-Sewing machine
Step one: Fold towel in half. Cut on the fold line (if you are making a bigger bed using two towels, cut your other towel in half too).
Step two: Fold each piece you now have in half again, and cut on the fold line (skip this step if you are using two towels for a bigger bed).
Note how messy your carpet will become.
Step three: Pick the two most attractive of the fourths that you cut and trim them up. These will be the case of your bed. Pin them together, wrong side out. (You will be picking and trimming the two most attractive halves if you are using two towels for a bigger bed.)

Step four: Cut the remaining two towels pieces into strips for stuffing. I cut mine into strips about an inch wide. 
Oh, flash!
Step five: Sew the pieces from step three up. I double-stitched every side because my little guy loves to chew and rip and sling, and I want this thing to last a while. Make sure you leave a hole for turning right side out and stuffing!
I promise I'm not a hairy lady with man hands... my husband decided he wanted to use the sewing machine!

Step six: Turn right side out and stuff.

Step seven: Stitch up the hole. I did this by hand to make sure it was nice and durable.

And you've done it! You now have a completely washable handmade dog bed. Yippee! Remington took right to his the moment I put it down for him.

Email me if you have any questions!

*Sorry about the photo quality- used my cell phone in a pinch so they are not the best, but they will certainly do.


  1. nice tutorial! I see your bringing your husband over to the "dark side" with crafting. :)

    1. Of course! He is better at using a sewing machine than I am!