Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Hi you guys.

So I've been seeing a lot of tablet holders around the internet lately. The kind you buy and the kind you make. But the kind you buy cost a lot, and the kind you make require weird things that I don't have (like a child's block and a scrabble tile holder... I don't just have these things at my disposal). I use my tablet a lot in the kitchen because I have cook books downloaded onto it and I enjoy having Pinterest recipes right at my fingertips as I cook... so, today, my husband and I improvised. And this was the lovely result:

Hey look, you can see me. Oops. Hi!

-Small plastic cutting board ($2.69 at Christmas Tree Shops)
-Yardstick ($0.50 at Walmart)
-Plate stand ($0.89 at Christmas Tree Shops)
-Paint, glue

Cut one five inch piece of yardstick and one four inch piece of yardstick. Glue the four inch piece to the bottom of the cutting board. Glue the five inch piece on top of the four inch piece, slightly higher so that it creates a notch for the bottom of your tablet to rest in. Paint the ruler pieces. Set the cutting board in the plate stand. Done. Another cool thing is that you can take out the cutting board and use the plate stand for your recipe books when you aren't using your tablet.



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