Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping a Clean House

I don't like to consider myself a housewife but, unfortunately, that is what I am right now. Our big move to Harrisonburg, VA left me displaced. I'll start back to school next semester, but for now I'm left doin' housewife stuff. I guess it isn't SO bad, and it certainly isn't the first time.

Last time I was stuck being a housewife, I didn't have any kind of direction. I was a newlywed in a new city. I found myself cleaning everything in our tiny apartment all in one day and then having nothing left to do for the rest of the week. It was depressing.

This time around, I wanted to do things differently. After browsing pinterest a little bit, I came up with a daily cleaning schedule. Here it is:

And it has made everything so nice. Seriously. I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour a day cleaning and my entire house stays so clean all the time. It is so nice. The tasks listed for each day are the bare minimum. Doing just that I spend about 20 minutes. A lot of times I'll do  extra things that need to be done. For example, today, Monday, I did the ceiling fan in the bedroom. I still only spent a few extra minutes and my room and office are spotless.
This is all in addition to, of course, the everyday stuff that gets done-dishes washed, bed made, cleaning up after myself.... not living like a complete snob.

I want to keep a record of the stuff  that I use to clean each room so that 1) I don't forget and 2) if James ever wants to do anything, he can just come and look here.

For the furniture polish, I use a homemade mixture:

Made out of 3/4 cup olive oil,  1/4 cup vinegar. Shake well, spray on furniture, buff and polish with a microfiber cloth. Works like a charm.
For the mirror/windows, I use this homemade mixture, which I found on this website, and a microfiber cloth:

Made out of 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 T cornstarch, and 2 cups of water.

When we first moved in, my floors were driving me nuts. No matter how much I used my Pledge floor polish and squirt mop, our feet were always black by the end of the day. Eventually I caved and went out and bought a Shark "Professional" Steam Mop. WONDERFUL decision. Mopping takes all of five minutes a day, my floors are cleaned and sanitized, and no more black feet. 

For vacuuming, I got tired of pulling out my giant Bissell for quick daily vacuuming, so I spent $20 on a Bissell stick vacuum at Walmart. It comes apart and switches into a hand-vac too, and has a nice attachment on it that I use to clean the baseboards. Made cleaning even easier.

For the kitchen, I have been using this glorious smelling all-natural lavender all purpose cleaner that I got in my Eco-Emi box months ago. It is made by Natural Flower Power and is inexpensive, great stuff. HOWEVER, I want to make my own, so when I run out I'm gonna try this recipe. The stuff from Flower Power cleans my appliances well and leaves my sink so shiny and the smell... oh, the smell!

For the bathroom, I started out trying to use all natural and homemade cleaners. Unfortunately, the bottom of our tub is the textured material that gets SO dirty and would not scrub clean, even with the help of the magic eraser. So I enlisted the help of this stuff:
And, mixed with this really cool long-armed scrubber that I found at Dollar General, my tub stays effortlessly clean. And my sink. And all of the hardware. It is kind of amazing. For the toilet, I use Clorox toilet bowl cleaner and Lysol Wipes. Not environmentally or wallet friendly, but it works for me... for now. If you have alternatives to these, let me know what they are.

That's pretty much it! Easy peasy.

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